What are they saying about you?

If you’ve been in business long enough, you would have gotten at least one bad review online. Getting one does hurt – your ego and seemingly your online reputation!

However – if you see the negative review as a constructive feedback, it will give you a positive opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the customer while re-enforcing your positive image. Here’s how:

Don’t react – Respond: If you argue or retaliate online it will only make your organization look petty. It will help to sit back and examine the situation realistically. Businesses have an option to comment on the reviews. Use this to reach out to the customer to understand more about the problem using a ‘concerned’ tone of voice. Assure the customer that you are open to their comments and suggestions and that you are glad to have the opportunity to correct the situation. Whatever is the outcome, even an unhappy customer will be more likely to do business with you again if you are successful in establishing a dialogue with them.

Let good bury the bad: Research says that people are more likely to write a review when they are unsatisfied rather than when they are satisfied. So encourage your regular happy customers to review your business. This would more likely offset negative reviews and demonstrate that a customer’s dissatisfaction with your business is the exception and not necessarily the rule.

There may be times when you get a bad review written by a disgruntled employee or a competitor. At such times you can ‘flag’ the comments. Try not to use this method too often though as you risk flagging of your account by the review site.

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